VIDEO: Cursive – “I Couldn’t Love You” (Live)

You’d never know from watching this video that Tim Kasher is, for all intents and purposes, the driving force behind Cursive. And, yeah, maybe our camera guys drank too many PBR’s and didn’t realize that they were both filming pretty much the exact same fucking thing for most of the goddamned show. (Seriously, dudes, how hard is it for one of you to say, “You go left and I’ll go right?” It’s not rocket surgery. Sheesh.) But maybe it was just fate’s way of announcing that Kasher get’s too much of the props when it comes to this band. Sure, he’s a gifted songwriter and and an accomplished lyricist, and, yeah, he’s inspired hundreds, probably thousands, of post-hardcore/emo rock teen wannabes. Fair enough. But what about guitarist Ted Stevens or bassist Matt Maginn? What about drummer Cully Symington, who, incidentally, proved himself to be an absolute beast on the kit? Where’s the love for them? Where’s their fucking props? Maybe we were just leveling the playing field a bit, giving these fine gentlemen their due. What do you think about that, beetches?

And it’s not like we eliminated Kasher altogether. He gets his cameo, delivering some of his patented wordplay in the first verse before launching us headlong into the chorus, and he turns up here and there in flashes—along with Multi-Instrumental Afro Man. But most of the video pretty much belongs to the three guys we mentioned above, which is word. We even have a brief shot of Stevens belting out his Barry White-style backup vocals. Who knew Mr. Burly White Man had soul? Shit is ill. So is the video, we think. What about you?

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