VIDEO: It’s Elephant’s – “Three Dicks” (Live)

Oh snap! You were all into it, weren’t you? You had your eyes closed ’cause you were all, like, getting into the moment and shit, and you were air drumming like a fucking maniac. Am I right? I’m right, aren’t I? Ha! I knew it. I mean, why wouldn’t you be? This song is mad tight.

But I’m afraid all I’ve got is this teaser. It’s a bitter disappointment, I know. A goddamn tragedy, really. I bet you were watching the playhead, staring at those seconds ticking down, and wondering how the hell they were going to cut out of the track. Then the whole thing just screeches to a grinding halt. So sad. But that’s what you get when you leave your video camera on in your bag for the hour before the show. Think you’re disappointed? How do you think I felt when thirty seconds into recording, the low battery warning started flashing? Yeah, pretty shitty. But consider it a taste for the future with our sincere promise that there will be more video to come. Soon. For real.

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