VIDEO: Sunny Day Real Estate – “New Song” (Live)

I don’t think I can come up with a much better concert in 2009 than the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion show at Center Stage back in October. True, you’ve got to try pretty fucking hard to have a bad show when you’re drawing your setlist almost exclusively from two dynamic, nearly flawless albums like SDRE’s Diary and LP2. Still, for a bunch of guys who hadn’t played together for fifteen years, the band was as ferociously tight and focused as ever, churning out one feverish spine-tingler after another and whipping the crowd into a frenzy at every turn.

The tour was extremely successful, and very well received by fans, helping to revive a lot of warm, fuzzy, ’90s alternative memories—mine own included. It also helped to spark rumors of a more permanent reunion and the possibility of the band returning to the studio to work on a new album. Adding fuel to that fire was this new track—entitled simply “New Song”—which the band played throughout their tour.

By now, most fans have scoured the Internet for the best of the many available recordings of this song, but I found this video lying dormant on my camera and decided that it was well worth posting. “New Song” is SDRE at their most pop-oriented, trading the jagged riffs and angular rhythms of their early material for more traditional rock trappings and straight-ahead hooks. It’s not the fiery, unpredictable anthems they conjured in their youth, but, still, it’s highly potent stuff complete with the familiar soaring pre-chorus rising and then diving into the welcoming arms of a stirring chorus. And while “New Song” may not possess the ingenuity to rank among the group’s finest work, it’s certainly more than enough to justify the buzz of excitement surrounding the possible return of one the ’90s most accomplished and beloved acts.

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