Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon to Tour? (Updated)

Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon to Tour?

Judging from the content of the video below and all the chatter on the Interwebs, this tour seems like a solid lock. The name of the site doesn’t exactly present us with much of a puzzle. Still, there has been no confirmation from any of the three camps and the running countdown on the site indicates that we won’t know anything for sure until May 3rd. Maybe it’s an elaborate hoax or a publicity stunt for something completely unexpected. Maybe it’s a clever ploy to announce new material from Black Diamond Brigade. Christ, I hope not. The world doesn’t need any more of that heinous dog shit. The likely scenario is that this tour is a go and they’re building interest and demand early. Get us all salivating at the prospect. So far it’s working.

UPDATED 4/22: The countdown clock on the website has been reset to 1 day. Guess they’ve milked all the publicity they can. Full details should be available tomorrow.

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