SPEAK OUT: No Excuse

Owl City

Dear America,

When did this become acceptable as pop music? When did we become so dumb and lazy that this utter bullshit, this steaming pile of soulless garbage that any half-wit with a computer could churn out, become a national phenomenon with sold out shows everywhere? Mind boggling. So many goddamn questions. Not the least of which is how the fuck are we letting this happen? Is it the polite, innocent, unassuming, non-threatening sheen of clean-cut American youth? The hypnotic allure of his stylish reverse mullet? Seriously, who the hell is dropping good coin to see this living turd perform tonight at the Tabernacle? And can someone please tell me what the fuck is this asshole talking about?! The lyrics sound like a drunken six-year-old wrote them.

You know, it wasn’t so long ago when Top 40 artists could actually sing and the tracks they sang over were actually performed by musicians. It may not always have been good, but at least there was usually some musical merit to it. What the fuck happened?

I can guarantee you this douche bag will have all but disappeared in a year from now. Are the days of legacy artists all but gone? When is the next Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna or Frank Sinatra gonna show up and change the landscape of what retards call pop music? Or maybe nobody would care if they did because America’s brainwashed to love this type of horse shit. I’d rather listen to two meth heads buttfuck each other in a goddamn ditch then submit myself to this piss.

Learn to play instruments. Listen to good music (it’s out there, you just have to look). Influence your peers. We must change.


Noose is a contributing writer. He likes to rock Schecter guitars and eat burritos. His collection of Nike kicks borders on the ridiculous. This piece originally appeared in his blog, which you can read here.