Top 10 ATL Albums of 2010

Top 10 Atlanta Albums of 2010

First, a few caveats: Technically, you could argue that EPs shouldn’t qualify for a top album spot, but after thinking about it I said fuck it and let them in anyway. 7″s and singles, however, were out from the beginning. My apologies to HAWKS and Roman Photos, but I couldn’t see my way to letting just two songs into the mix, no matter how good that pair of tracks might be.

Secondly, with all due respect to Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Janelle Monáe, Big Boi and all the other Atlanta bred artists that had great success this year on the national stage, I thought it best to leave them all out of the running. Frankly, they’ve all been discussed and lauded quite enough already, and I wanted this list to to be about those bands and musicians who have yet to break free of the nurturing womb of Atlanta music.

So read on, enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments.