Top 10 ATL Albums of 2010


ODIST - On the 49th Day9. ODIST – On the 49th Day
Every race needs a dark horse and in this town there are more than a few in the running. But none may be as deserving of recognition as experimental prog-rockers, ODIST. Their sophomore EP is a veritable tempest of blistering guitars and pummeling drums that cycles through a wide range of sounds and styles — everything from epic shoegaze-y psych-rock jams to ambient, noise-driven soundscapes to colossal metal shredding. But despite their tendency towards elaborate song structures, they somehow manage to tie it all together, seamlessly and cohesively, without ever taxing the listener’s patience. Expansive and forward-thinking are some adjectives that come to mind when listening to this; heavy, complex, and exhilarating are others. If your New Year’s resolution is to listen to more local music, make sure to put ODIST at the top of your list.

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