Top 10 ATL Albums of 2010

Photo by Tim Song

Sealions - Strange Veins8. Sealions – Strange Veins
At first listen, Sealions’ lush synth-pop seems needlessly trapped in ’80s electro worship, but as Strange Veins unfolds, its crisp production and soft-hued demeanor help reveal a much more contemporary album that’s willing to take some chances. Smart electronic and dance music is rarely about what lies on the surface; the devil is always in the details, in how the layering of seemingly disparate sounds and instruments come together to form a cohesive whole. Despite their dance floor fervor, Sealions manage to eschew booming beats and thumping bass lines in favor of more subtly nuanced songs that glide along smoothly. And there are just enough guitars — both of the billowing dream-pop variety and the occasional distorted blast — to keep indie rock fans satiated and engaged. Innovative and accessible, Strange Veins is a triumph of both form and function; it’s an intelligently-crafted record that does exactly what it sets out to do — get the kids to dance.

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