Top 10 ATL Albums of 2010

Abby Gogo

Abby Gogo7. Abby Gogo – Abby Gogo
Abby Gogo’s self-titled debut is an infectious grower with an expansive tone and formidable power that isn’t immediately apparent. This is an album that takes its time in seducing you, unfurling one glorious mystery at a time until you’re engulfed in the swirling haze of its distortion and feedback-drenched atmosphere. It’s impossible not to note the influence of shoegaze gods, My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain, on the band’s music, but you can hardly fault them for reaching for such stratospheric heights, especially when they come so close to climbing those rarefied peaks. Set aside some of their more rote garage rock tendencies and you’re left with a band capable of carving out dense, sprawling works that manage to establish an air of catchy pop accessibility, while still remaining jagged and discordant in all the right places.

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