Top 10 ATL Albums of 2010

Sorry No Ferrari

3. Sorry No Ferrari – Ternary
Some bands mystify you with their technical prowess or the sheer audacity of their arrangements. On Ternary, Sorry No Ferrari not only do both, but they do so with a nonchalance that’s startling. For all their myriad twists and turns, their endlessly evolving parade of blistering riffs, blazing solos and jarring rhythms, you never get the sense that any of this is actually difficult for them, no matter how complex and convoluted things become. And while the band’s dizzying brand of mathy prog rock can sometimes feel like an exercise in excess, here’s the thing: throughout all those innumerable guitar excursions there’s nary a lull or a spot of dead space. The band flies through dozens, if not hundreds, of progressions, and they all fucking rip. The interplay between rhythm and melody is impeccable. Any band can learn how to shred, but that kind of musical intuition just can’t be taught. In a word: exhilarating.

Stream and Download: Sorry No Ferrari – “Ashar”

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