VIDEO: Deftones – “Sextape”

In comparison to the other insufferable crapfests for the eyes that we’ve gotten so far off Diamond Eyes, “Sextape” is like some serious Kubrick type shit. Deftones has never been known for producing great videos, but the lazy, generic tripe that we’ve handed so far has been disappointing to say the least. Fortunately, “Sextape” delivers.

Directed by ZFCL, a.k.a. the production duo Zak Forrest and Chad Liebenguth (Fang Island, Squarepusher), the video is sexy, beautiful and elegantly filmed. I love the color palette and the visuals and the way everything seems to undulate and shimmer. I only wish the song was better. Hearing this only makes me pine for another Team Sleep record.

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