VIDEO: Oryx and Crake – “Fun Funeral” (Live)

Probably the last thing a fledgling band wants to see as they’re sound checking for their well-hyped, sold out record release show is several of their members huddled around a laptop wearing concerned expressions. Was there an actual issue with Oryx and Crake’s equipment? Maybe, maybe not. But there was definitely anxiety in the air as they prepared to launch into their headlining set, staring into a sea of eager faces full of sky-high expectations.

But any nerves the band may have felt seemed to quickly disappear as they delivered a rousing take on album opener/highlight, “Fun Funeral.” With their first song behind them, the band settled in, steadily gaining confidence as the night wore on.

Despite some small glitches and some initial inconsistencies in the mix, Oryx and Crake gave a standout performance—one full of grace and beauty and not without the occasional moment of lush transcendence. They’ve still got a long ways to grow—it doesn’t feel like the band owns these songs entirely yet—but in the times when they hit their stride and the music swells to fill the room with its aching pulse, one thing is clear: no band in Atlanta can match their majestic peaks.

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