VIDEO: The Falcon Lords – “Mayor of Falcon City” (Live)

Anyone who has spent enough time in the Atlanta music scene has run across The Falcon Lords at one time or another. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check them out, you probably should make the effort, even if it’s just so you can say you’ve experienced (depending on your point of view) the sheer awesomeness and/or extreme lameness. If you’re lucky you might even get treated to some pre-show champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries or maybe some cookies or candy, as the Falcon Lords have been known to do. At the very least, they like to go all out.

After all, there aren’t many groups out there who embrace shtick, and especially not to this level of dedication. While playing in costumes may be a novelty that is not altogether unique, the Falcon Lords take their onstage personas far beyond mere dress-up. When the trio dons their uniforms, they transform into a group of crime fighting superheroes who defend the imaginary Falcon City from deep inside their volcano hideout. Their songs—a mostly pop-oriented mash-up of hip-hop, rock, R&B, and soul—describe their exploits and envelope the listener in their fictional universe. For those who are willing check any pretense of seriousness at the door, it’s quirky, infectiously fun stuff.

As for “Mayor of Falcon City” (we’re not 100% certain that this is actually the name of the song), it seems to be a good amalgamation of the trio’s overall sound and as good a place as any to dive into their fully-developed cartoon world. It’s got a nice, smooth beat and, shit man, you can dance to it. Bonus thought: if you listen really closely, right before the chorus, I swear the guitar player is biting one of the guitar loops from Massive Attack’s “Angel” off of Mezzanine. Seriously.

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