VIDEO: The Whiskey Gentry – “Eula Mae”

The Whiskey Gentry
Photo by Matt Odom

Okay, so this is not our usual steeze, we get that. We don’t really do country and bluegrass. Nothing against it; it’s just not something we follow. It’s not in our vocabulary, so to speak. But, then again, the Whiskey Gentry are not your typical country band, either. There’s just as much punk and indie rock stomp as Southern twang and Western swing, and live they deliver all the energy and vibrancy of an underground basement show. If you have any doubts, just check out the band’s new video for “Eula Mae.” Directed by Matt Odom and shot live at the Five Spot, the video does an excellent job of showcasing the band’s exceptional talent and electric stage presence. And Lauren Staley just kills it on the mic. Such a rich and expressive voice. We may not yet be fluent in their language, but if the Whiskey Gentry continue to crank out barnburners like this, we’ll sure do our best to learn.

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