LIVE REVIEW: Thrice at the Masquerade

Thrice Marquee

You were built for blessing but you only make them bleed.

Being unfamiliar with Thrice’s most recent two records, Major/Minor and Beggars, damn sure didn’t stop me from getting my face completely melted off as they headlined a sold out Masquerade last Sunday night.

With a set that consisted mostly of material from said two releases, the band opened with “Yellow Belly” and immediately blew the roof off of the dump. The verse riff is infectious and the hook is immense. That song and performance set the tone for the next hour or so. They were tighter than the previous five or six times I’d seen them. Per usual, frontman Dustin Kensrue never missed a note, and the rest of the boys (especially guitarist Tippei Teranishi by proving once again he is the industry standard when it comes to second guitar parts — dude has mastered the art) put on a clinic on what live rock shows should be.

Midway through the set, the group broke into “Silhouette,” causing me and about 1000 other folks to lose our collective shit. That was one of a few standout moments, another being when the finale chant for “Fire Breather” was sung by seemingly every person in the room, leaving me covered in goosebumps. And then there was the bridge/outro for “The Earth Will Shake,” when various members of the three opening bands — La Dispute, Moving Mountains and O’Brother — brought out floor toms and mallets to take the place of the stomps that appear on the studio version. Powerful shit. It also just happens to be one of my absolute favorite rock songs of all time from one of the absolute best (and certainly one of the most underrated) rock records of all time, Vheissu.

Oh, and mad props to the sound guy. The ginger fellow with well-fitting flannel on. Homeboy had that shit dialed the fuck in. Which is few and far between at the Masquerade. It more often than not sounds like you’re in a whale’s asshole with tampons stuffed in your ears.

So I came away from the show with a couple things. One: Buy Major/Minor and Beggars immediately. Two: Sell my Marshall head and cabinet and get into a 2 x 12 combo of more than likely British origin. Both Dustin and Teppei were crushing it with some combos. Fuck a bunch of stacks.

That is all.

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