MP3: Stallone – “La Cobra”


Like a lot of new music lovers, I spend a considerable amount of time scouring Bandcamp listening to new tracks from artists I already enjoy or else eagerly searching for that elusive hidden gem that has yet to be discovered. Mostly what I find, however, is a lot of terrible hip hop and half-assed bedroom projects. But every once in a great while I find something completely unexpected and totally awesome. Last night that something was Stallone.

Composed of drummer Evan Diprima and former Torche guitarist and current MonstrO axe-slinger, Juan Montoya, the metal duo currently have just a single song to their credit — a dynamic, four-and-a-half-minute instrumental called “La Cobra” that embraces Montoya’s trademark blend of thundering metal riffs and melodic hard rock. I love the pacing of this song especially the clean breakdown in the middle that gives all those galloping guitars plenty of room to breathe. There’s no telling how much more we’ll get from these guys, but I’m hoping that with material as good as this, they’ll at least be able to squeeze out an EP sometime soon.

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