STREAM: Stallone – “Wondrous Beast”


I’m still not quite sure to make of Stallone. Is it a legitimate side project for MonstrO guitarist Juan Montoya and drummer Evan Diprima or is it a mere occasional diversion? Up until recently, the duo only had a single song to their credit—a thunderous metal jam called “La Cobra,” which I highlighted here back in March. But now they’ve given us a second, similarly-themed instrumental track to groove out to.

Compositionally, “Wondrous Beast” follows much in the vein of “La Cobra” with a spaced-out, feedback-laced mid-section (complete with bells!) sandwiched between a hammering barrage of mean as piss guitars. It’s hard to qualify two songs as a declaration of intent, but you can start to make some guesses as to where this band might venture musically if they decide to further pursue this project. It’s loud and heavy to be sure, but the duo injects their songs with some more inventive atmospheric passages that help flesh out their sound and provides them with a sense of sonic adventure that is often lacking in music this aggressive, especially on the local level. There’s a lot here to like—I just hope these guys continue to stick with it.

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