Top 20 Albums of 2010


Coliseum - House With a Curse20. Coliseum – House With a Curse
I’ve always admired the tenacity and purity of Coliseum’s thunderous breakneck hardcore, but I’ve never been sold on its lasting impact. The effects were always brutally immediate; once the band’s blistering locomotive rage barreled through your speakers, there was never much left to remember it by. House With a Curse doesn’t stray too far from the group’s core aesthetic—it’s still loud, raw and fierce as fuck—but it embraces the once subtle sludgy stoner rock qualities of the band’s music and pushes them further to the forefront. The results? The riffs are more melodic, the grooves deeper, and the songs more artfully textured. They’re also a hell of a lot more memorable. One of the year’s best surprises.

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