VIDEO: Glassjaw – “Miracle in Inches” (Live)

If you’re Glassjaw and you’re in the middle of your first major tour in roughly a decade you could easily cash in on your past glory and close out your set with a couple of old-school face-rippers. Everyone would go home battered and bruised, safe and happy in the knowledge that they got exactly what they expected. But that’s not what happened Thursday night. Instead when the band took the stage for their encore, they launched immediately into “Black Nurse,” the first track from their new prog and space rock-driven tour-only EP, Coloring Book, and didn’t stop until they had performed the EP in its entirety. Did this irk some fans who were hoping for at least one more familiar post-hardcore pummeler to end the night? Maybe. But this tour isn’t meant as some last hurrah. If anything it’s a declaration of intent. Coloring Book boasts a rejuvenated Glassjaw, one that is unafraid to explore far beyond their expected boundaries. Check out the drum work on “Miracle in Inches” or the closing guitar melody. Anybody else hear A Perfect Circle or Tool in there? Yeah, me too.

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