VIDEO: Little Tybee Perform a New Song from Upcoming Album

Little Tybee made some huge strides in 2011, garnering some national attention with the release of their finest effort, Humorous to Bees, and by producing some really fantastic music videos to accompany the band’s orchestral pop grandeur. But where Little Tybee really shined this year was in the live arena where audiences could witness firsthand the group’s incredible musicianship and the depth of talent that goes into crafting their exceedingly charming and radiant music. This year’s Atlanta Music Roundtable was fortunate enough to have Little Tybee headline our year-end show at the Earl, and the band treated the audience to some spellbinding renditions of songs like “Nero” and “Passion Seekers,” as well as some promising new material from their upcoming album, due out this spring.

Here’s a video of them performing one of those songs, a dynamic and upbeat rocker with plenty of dextrous twists and turns to meander through. Musically it’s maintains much of the spirit and feel of Humorous to Bees, which makes perfect sense for a group who’s just starting to break through to wider audiences. “If it ain’t broke…” seems to be the motto here and that suits me just fine.

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