VIDEO: New Animal – “Grow Back Out” (Live)

They’re almost there.

As it is, New Animal’s live shows are on the verge of mesmerizing, but theirs could be a swelling, up-to-the-rafters sound that would leave you physically and emotionally transfixed. With a little more time and experience under the belt, I expect that Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette will reach those lofty heights. Their set at our year-end Atlanta Music Roundtable show at the Earl was easily the night’s shortest, but the impact was just as resonant. I had several friends and colleagues come to me that night making inquiries about the band or just letting me know how great they thought they were. And with performances like this rendition of “Grow Back Out” from their self-titled debut, it’s easy to see why. Their captivating blend of psychedelic rock and bedroom pop feels considerably larger and more dramatic when played live, and, yet, the aura of intimacy and personal attachment that makes their music so affecting still remains. Not bad for a group that’s less than a year removed from their first show, eh?

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