VIDEO: Obits – “Pine On” (Live)

Nobody sounds like Rick Froberg. The frantic rush of his surf-strewn punk guitar exclamations, the high-pitched yelp of his blitzkrieg vocals, doused as they may be in the gasoline-soaked annals of classic punk, are uniquely his own. Some bitch whiners may complain that Obits don’t attack with the same heat-seeking ferocity and manic urgency of his previous, more legendary outfits, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu, but if last Thursday’s show at 529 proved anything, it’s that Froberg and his band mates still have plenty of fire left in their bellies. Here they are closing out their set with a blistering version of “Pine On” from their debut full-length, I Blame You. The much-anticipated follow-up, Moody, Standard and Poor, is due out March 29th via Sub Pop.

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