VIDEO: Obits – “Two-Headed Coin” (Live)

What better way to fight off the demons of this dreary, overcast January morning than with some sun and surf-fueled punk by way of Brooklyn rockers, Obits? I suspect that for many of us “Two-Headed Coin” was the track that first introduced us to the band, and it really does seem to be a song that encapsulates everything that Obits does well. You have the serpentine riffs, the relentlessly driving beat, the semi jam-style breakdown and Rick Froberg’s frenzied yelp running ragged over the top of it all. Certainly the band is capable of more, and they aren’t opposed to throwing out the occasional surprise, but this is the essence of the band in a nutshell. Here they are killing the track a couple of weeks ago at 529. Enjoy.

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