VIDEO: Oryx and Crake – “Open Your Eyes”

I find it gratifying and, frankly, a bit inspiring that a project like this can come to fruition. Back in November, Oryx and Crake announced that they were collaborating with Chronicle, an Atlanta writing partnership, to create a video for “Open Your Eyes,” a track taken from their terrific debut LP, Oryx + Crake. The concept required fans to actively participate in the production by submitting videos of themselves using their webcams as they went about their normal everyday lives. It was a simple but clever idea; not only were fans encouraged to become involved in a substantive way, but their work would provide most of the footage needed to complete the video. Of course, the danger was that if too few people chose to participate, there would be nothing to edit.

Fortunately, however, everything worked out for the best and the results can be seen in the video above. Produced by Chronicle and edited by Aaron Byrd, this is the debut music video for Oryx and Crake.

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