VIDEO: Queens of the Stone Age – “Song for the Dead” (Live at Center Stage)

I know what you’re thinking. Queens of the Stone Age are in the midst of a tour celebrating their self-titled debut, they play an extended encore set of mostly B-sides and rarities, including “The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died” and the Rated R-era classic, “Feel Good Hit of the Summer,” and here I am posting a video for “Songs for the Dead,” one of the more popular songs off of QOTSA’s most popular album. What gives, right? I know. I know. But this is the final cut, the closing argument, the fucking denouement for god’s sake. If you paid attention to this space at all, you’ll know that I love encores, especially the last song. I think they speak volumes about a performance. Is the band committed to leaving it all on the stage or are they content to hold something back? Will they opt for the safe and familiar and close out the night with a hit or will they choose something more daring, obscure and unexpected? In this case, I think the group settled on a song that was somewhere in-between, finishing with a Songs for the Deaf favorite as a reward to the fans for entertaining a night full of old-school indulgences. And the performance, lashing and incendiary, speaks for itself.

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