VIDEO: Qurious – “Another Language”

Can I tell you how much I love this video? In the past, Qurious have been content to splice together archival and found footage to create psychedelic collages for their abstract electronic soundscapes. They were effective, but expected. This latest video for “Another Language,” however, is something else. Filmed by Asa Aroesty and directed and edited by the duo themselves, the video still maintains a hallucinogenic bent, but there is a much more defined narrative structure designed to lure the viewer in. Considering that the video’s only two characters conform to common archetypes—some sort of masked devil thing on the one, and a fallen angel on the other—it’s easy to inject any number of meanings into the visuals, and that’s really the beauty here: it’s a lovely piece of thoughtfully-constructed cinematic elegance that lends itself to multiple viewings and a variety of interpretations.

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