VIDEO: Torche – “Mentor” / “Olympus Mons” / “Tarpit Carnivore” (Live at 529)

Wednesday night’s Torche show at 529 was everything you could want it to be—alternately jubilant and chaotic, brutally heavy and tinnitus-inducingly loud. I’ve seen more shows than I can remember there and could probably count on one hand the number of encores that I’ve seen. But the frantic, oftentimes rowdy, crowd wouldn’t be denied an extended set. Torche rewarded their devotion by reaching back into their extended arsenal and pulling out a trio of crushing sludge metal stompers culled from their self-titled debut and 2007′s In Return EP.

The final 8:31 plays out like a ticking time bomb. There are occasional warnings that the audience is getting set to erupt but you’re never quite sure when the explosion is going to come. When the band finally hurls into “Tarpit Carnivore,” all hell breaks loose. Bodies start flying, tossed around like so many sandbags. It’s all I can do just to keep the camera pointed in the general direction of the stage. Before it’s over, 529 will go pitch black and a constellation of laser lights will take over the room. Seriously, it was insane. And easily one of the raddest show I’ve seen all year.

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