VIDEO: Torche – “Piraña” + “Sandstorm” (Live)

Stoner rock, sludge metal, whatever you want to call it — it needs more showmanship. I like my music as loud and as tar-thick as anyone, but watching a bunch of burly dudes plant their feet on stage like goddamn statues and merely bang their heads in unison for an hour is really fucking boring. But Torche has got it down right. You didn’t know they ruled? Well, shit, now you do. And who doesn’t love a giant hair metal wig blowing gloriously in the wind? That’s the stuff of rock legend, folks. But, generally, Torche just knows how to crush it live with a combination of energy, power, volume and one of the best rhythm sections going. This is how you do it; anything else is pansy bullshit. In a hard rock band? Press play. Take notes.

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