VIDEO: Wizard Smoke – “Weakling” (Live)

I’ve seen punishing doom purveyors, Wizard Smoke, several times before but never have they sounded as gut-wrenchingly cathartic as they did at 529 a couple of weeks ago opening for Obits. Maybe it was the new material or the addition of drummer Dave Eidson (ex-Gates of Berlin) to the lineup but the band played tighter and were full of more sinister menace than ever before. Their whole set was like a violent purging; the crushing riffs just seemed to pour ominously out of the speakers, hammering the crowd down like so many flesh and guts nails. And what better way to close out their night than with a lumbering seven and a half minute stompfest full of droning doomsday guitars and James Halcrow’s ear-piercing screams? Yeah, exactly.

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