MP3: deadCAT – “littlefeet”


Although I enjoyed the hell out of deadCAT’s last single, “Delecate Daughters,” Britt Teusink didn’t exactly appreciate the fact that I labeled the lush, tropical-flavored cut a “warm chillwave dance jam.” As such he promised a much darker turn for his next set of songs, which turned up on Bandcamp last week in the form of the four-song weareinaCULT EP, released via Spanish label Young Latitudes. And while “dark” may not be the first thing to come to mind when I hear these tunes, the tracks certainly make for a much more surreal and obtuse listening experience than the sun-kissed ambiance produced by their last release. Give a listen to the opening track “littlefeet” and you’ll hear a skittering electronic beat puncturing its way though an undulating bassline and a web of gauzy synths and vocals. It’s a turbulent and fractured groove that seems to want to be fluid, but continually denies your expectations with a series of left turns and abrupt stops and starts. Check it out below and then make sure to head over to the Young Latitudes Bandcamp page where you can download the entire weareinaCULT EP for free.

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