MP3: IRREVERSIBLE – “Heavy with Human Fat”


According to IRREVERSIBLE keyboardist Billy Henis, Thorn and Plucked Up By the Root, the band’s two new EPs due out next Thursday, are meant to be companion pieces. Although they arrive on the same day, Henis has instructed me to listen to Thorn first before making my way to the more ambitious and experimental Plucked Up By the Root, which consists of a single 25-minute long piece of uninterrupted music. Whether that instruction is a matter of sequencing or mere digestion remains to be seem, but for now let’s assume the two are meant to be consumed as a totality rather than as two distinct efforts.

This would make the release of “Heavy with Human Fat,” the first track to be reveled off of Thorn, all the more telling. In its 2:20 of corrosive, forced-march aggression, the band forgoes the sculpted sludge and atmospheric post-metal that has defined their most recent work in favor of classic hardcore fury. Whereas in the past the band would seek to lure you in with their expansive web of sound before burying you in an avalanche of crushing riffs, here they dispense with the niceties altogether and go straight for the throat. There’s no subtlety or drama, just a frenetic fit of blitzkrieg rage that’s as caustic as it is cathartic. It’s not the band’s best work by any means, but it’s satisfyingly raw and a strong indicator that Thorn might just be one of Irreversible’s most ferocious efforts yet.

Irreversible will celebrate the release of Thorn and Plucked Up By the Root on Thursday, December 20th at the Earl. Supporting them will be Manray and Dark Room. Doors open at 9 p.m. $8 gets you in.

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