MP3: New Animal – “The Sound That It Makes”

New Animal

Last year, New Animal burst onto the scene with a phenomenal debut LP and a string of excellent EPs that showcased some of the catchiest and most inventive—not to mention remarkably consistent—psych-pop this city’s seen in years. As 2012 begins to take shape, it’s no surprise the group is already hard at work on yet another record. And if history is any indication, it should arrive to us sooner than later. But before attacking the new year in earnest, the band decided to empty the coffers of any remaining 2011 recordings. And guess what spilled out?

For new listeners just coming around to New Animal, “The Sound That It Makes” may be the perfect bellwether of what to expect from the group; everything that has come to define the band’s core sound— the lush and dreamy production, the stunning harmonies, the ambient guitars and moody, textural soundscapes—is refined here and pieced together to create one of the group’s most complete and mesmerizing recordings to date. Even as the track shifts from free-floating dream pop to propulsive rock, it all meshes together so effortlessly that even the surging thrust of the song’s fuzz guitar-driven center has a head-in-the-clouds wooziness that’s joyous to listen to.

And that, in a nutshell, is the key to much of New Animal’s appeal. Despite their sometimes experimental flair, the band seems intent on embracing more palatable modes of composition. This is to say that most of their music, although densely-layered and rich in detail, remains undeniably accessible. And “The Sound That It Makes” is certainly no exception. It’s also one of New Animal’s finest moments yet.

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