MP3: Qurious – “Rubies”

Qurious - Void Vanishing

The press release accompanying “Rubies,” the first single from Qurious’ upcoming sophomore effort, Void Vanishing, alludes to the possibility of a “darker and damper” turn from the electronic duo. It’s an intriguing prospect, given all the ethereal qualities and surreal yet organic charm that made the group’s debut LP, Planet Plant, such a spellbinding listen. But “Rubies” arrives so lush, so swollen with hypnotic synths and dream-like textures, that it’s nearly impossible to imagine the duo abandoning the spacey ambiance of their atmospheric soundscapes in favor of something more dim and murky. Which is just fine by me. I certainly like a certain level of black and bleak in my music, but Qurious manages to conjure verdant grooves with just the right amount of mystery and hallucinogenic abstraction. It’s cerebral and cinematic music that takes it’s time to settle in, but when it does, the rewards are plentiful.

Void Vanishing is scheduled for a November 20 release via Stickfigure Recordings.

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