MP3: Slowriter – “April 8″


I’m going to have a lot to say about the new Slowriter album in the coming weeks, so for now I’m going to keep things quick and simple. Boasting a tracklist that runs 13 songs deep, the band’s debut full length goes by the title TrailBlazer, and if there’s a word that continues to poke itself into my brain to describe this record, it’s ambitious. There’s no doubt that band mastermind Bryan Taylor is seeking to make a grand statement here and the widescreen electronic pop he conjures up is both difficult and, on many occasions, breathtaking. For a songwriter who has hitherto only shown hints of being one the local scene’s more creative voices, it’s a significant leap forward.

You don’t have to search long for glimpses of this transformation. Following the album’s oblique narrated intro, “April 8″ settles in and proceeds to envelop you in a warm sea of angular acoustics and atmospheric vocals, with a rippling beat and sputtering electronic effects providing wave after wave of immersive textures to help set your mind adrift. For Slowriter fans, it’s all familiar territory but there’s a level of confidence and sophistication here that’s truly remarkable. Give it a listen below.

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