MP3: Stallone – “The Battle of Miami”


It’s finally settled.

When MonstrO guitarist Juan Montoya and Big Jesus drummer Evan Diprima released “La Cobra” in April of last year, there was some question as to whether the duo was truly serious about their endeavor or if Stallone was merely an occasional diversion for shits and grins. Since that time, the twosome’s creative output has been sporadic—another thunderous post-metal jam called “Wondrous Beast” was revealed in May followed by the duo’s hilarious video for “La Cobra,” released just last month. And while all of it has been excellent—sometimes enthralling—stuff, you can’t help but feel that it’s the work of two bros just horsing around in the studio and having a shitload of fun in the process. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s not exactly the recipe for a long-term commitment.

But last night things got a little more serious. The band announced via Facebook they had recruited bassist C.J. Ridings (Big Jesus) and guitarist Thomas Gonzalez to fill out the roster—additions which will allow the group to begin booking and playing shows, the first of which will take place on Monday, February 27 at 529. To celebrate the announcement, Stallone also released a titanic third single, “The Battle of Miami,” which finds the band sounding heavier and more sonically ambitious than ever before. Touchstones would include Russian Circles and maybe Isis, but this is definitely Montoya’s show meaning you’ll get all the pulverizing classic metal galloping and psychedelic Southern sludge riffage you can handle. Check it out below and then head over to the group’s Bandcamp where you can snag the track—and everything else they’ve done—for free.

Stallone will make its live debut on Monday, February 27 at 529. Supporting them will be Wymns Prysyn and Nigredo. Doors open at 9pm. Admission is FREE.

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