MP3: The Electric Nature – “Lungrakes”

The Electric Nature
Photo by Kevin Griggs

Here’s another one that’s been sitting on the back burner for far too long.

With the exception of perhaps deadCat, nobody in this town likes to release their joints on the sly as much as Michael Potter, aka the Electric Nature. Last month saw him quietly drop yet another single, this one a two-song effort highlighted by the dark and creepy martial drone of “Lungrakes.” It’s a track that, like much of Potter’s music, takes it’s time to unravel and reveal its manifold details.

Opening with the steady thump of a single drum and an acoustic guitar, the track starts off like some sort of Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii outtake, dropping you into the center of a vast moonlit desert expanse with guitars echoing in the distance like so many falling stars. It’s more psych-rock than drone, but anyone that has spent considerable time listening to the Electric Nature understands that Potter has an affinity for luring the listener into a certain set of expectations and then slowly pulling the rug out from under their feet. When the clattering crunch of the song’s metal-infused second act finally rumbles in, it not only shifts the song into an entirely new dynamic, it forcibly jolts you into a different mindset altogether. It’s jarring and abrasive, but still utterly captivating.

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