MP3: The N.E.C. – “Six”

The N.E.C.

Psychedelic voyagers the N.E.C. have announced a new full-length record, Last Point of Radiation, due out in July on [OVE:EVO]/Spective Audio. To help promote the album, the band is releasing a limited-edition 7″ of the first single, “Six.” The two-song effort drops on April 20, but you don’t need to wait that long to hear the record as both tracks are available for streaming on the group’s website, with “Six” also available as a free download.

And, man, is it a monster. Opening with sputtering torrents of feedback and white noise, the song quickly breaks into a nasty riff and spoken word vocals that for some reason make me think of the Doors by way of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It’s the N.E.C. at their most efficient and user friendly, which is only to say there’s a semblance of cohesive structure and some honest-to-god hooks that manage to worm their way into your ear. And if you’re hoping for a heavy dose of cosmic explorations, don’t worry, there’s plenty of acid-tinged guitars and psychedelic freakouts to lift you up and set your mind adrift.

MP3: The N.E.C. - Six

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