MP3: The N.E.C. – “N.O.W.”

The N.E.C.

Originally scheduled for a July release, the new LP from the N.E.C., The Last Point of Radiation, has been pushed back to next month. For those of who have been eagerly anticipating another dose of the band’s spaced-out musings and psychedelic freakouts, it means a few more weeks of anxious waiting. Fortunately, rather than making us stew about restlessly wondering about what’s to come, the trio has decided to give us another taste of what the future holds in store.

Following in the footsteps of the excellent “Six,” the band’s latest single, “N.O.W.,” finds the group exploring the outer edges of the cosmos with a steady torrent of fluid and free-form acid rock eruptions. It’s a song that clearly favors experimental spontaneity over calculated construction, but what’s most impressive is how the band manages to take a simple riff, some gauzy hypnotic vocals, and what is essentially one lengthy, feedback and noise-laced instrumental passage and morph it into something captivating and ear-friendly. Give it a listen below.

MP3: The N.E.C. - N.O.W.

The Last Point of Radiation is due out August 4 on [OVE:EVO]/Spective Audio.

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