MP3 + VIDEO: Irreversible – “Prime”

Photo by Steven Brown

Last Saturday night Irreversible celebrated the release of their long-awaited comeback album, Ashes, at a packed out 529. The release show marked the return of one of Atlanta’s most dynamic and inventive heavy music acts and the former four-piece-turned-trio did not disappoint, either on stage or on record.

Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, Ashes is a sprawling, cinematic work that borrows from a variety of influences ranging from tar-thick sludge and doom to thunderous post-metal and ambient electronic soundscapes. Taken as individual parts there isn’t anything all that new or unique about their music, but the way that Irreversible strings it all together makes for dense, forward-thinking compositions that sound as much like film scores as they do epic metal oeuvres.

With it’s hammering riff and melodic alt rock flourishes, opening cut “Prime” is the most immediately accessible of the bunch. There’s something about the atmosphere and slow-churning pace of the song that reminds me of Justin Broadrick’s work with Jesu; it’s pummeling and visceral, but still undeniably catchy and, at times, beautiful. Give it a listen below and then head over to the group’s Bandcamp page where you can download Ashes in its entirety for free.

And as an incredibly awesome added bonus, the guys in the band have been gracious enough to allow us to premiere this killer live video of them performing “Prime” from the release show. Filmed and edited by Clint Simpson, the stark black and white footage is shot up close and personal, almost immersing the viewer into the performance. Good live videos are hard to come by, especially on the local level, but this one is pretty phenomenal. Watch it below.

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