STREAM: Abby Gogo – “You Destroy Me”

Abby Gogo
Photo by Kevin Griggs

I’ve been meaning to post this new single from garage-gazers Abby Gogo’s latest 7″ for a few days now, so I hope you’ll excuse my lateness to the game with what is indeed an infectious slice of fuzzed-out garage pop songcraft. What I guess I find most remarkable about it is that, stared at from afar, no one element on the track would seem to stick out—the grainy guitars, the dream-haze vocals, the lurking, semi-detached melodies—it’s all fairly standard fare for the genre. But the more you listen, the more the layers begin to unravel, until you come to realize that there’s simply no denying that hooky chorus, and that moment when the lead guitar erupts into a fervid squall of blistering noise is worth a spine tingle or two. It may not seem terrific at first, but this gritty little sucker stays with you. And that’s what matters.

The “You Destroy Me” b/w “7th # Disaster” 7″ is available now via local label Pretty Ambitious.

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