STREAM: Brother Hawk – “Haywood Heartache”

Brother Hawk

Of the dozens of bands who have been toiling in the Atlanta shadows looking to make a break, Brother Hawk might be the one most poised to make a significant leap in the latter half of 2012. For every show they play and each new demo track or single they release, the buzz seems to build exponentially. Currently the group is hard at work on their forthcoming sophomore release, Affairs of Plain Living, and earlier this week the band revealed a second cut from the record called “Haywood Heartache.”

While the first track that was unveiled from the record—the aching and majestic “C4 Blues”—was very much in keeping with the grungy brand of blues the band showcased on their debut EP, Love Songs, the driving “Haywood Heartache” finds the four-piece pursuing a more anthemic alt-rock avenue. It’s no frills, meat and potatoes rock, but the hooks are magnetic and the guitar solo just seems to sear through your speakers, as always. Give it a listen below.

Affairs of Plain Living is due out this September via Ghetto Josh Records.

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