STREAM: The Good Graces – “Summer of ’93″

The Good Graces

“Summer of ‘93” is the lead track from the Good Graces’ latest EP, Wildcat Creek, due out today via local label Pretty New Songs. Led by Kim Ware and accompanied — “depending on the show” as Ware says — by John McNichols, Jim Combs and Donna Riley, the Good Graces have been composing and performing their minimalist folk music for a few years now.

A quintessential indie folk-pop tune, “Summer of ‘93” reminds me of Foo Fighters’ “Big Me” and the Mentos commercial they parodied into commercial stardom. Remember that song? Yeah, you kind of do, and if anything you remember that it was pleasant and upbeat. That is exactly what “Summer of ‘93” does for me. Pleasing to the ears, it ties itself to a lyrical memory of something special but that you can’t quite put your finger on. Ware writes about how things in life have to change, but the memories are still important. “Summer of ‘93” is a song about that special summer that everyone has once in their life, the one they never forget.

Reminiscent of Kimya Dawson’s work in Moldy Peaches, the track has a simple chord progression and a simple chorus, but it never feels derivative. Written in such a way that practically anyone can identify and appreciate, the best thing about this song is that it’s universal and catchy. If the rest of the album is this pleasing and easy to soak in, the Good Graces may just be ready to break out in the Atlanta scene.

Check out the track below and then head over to the group’s Bandcamp page where you can grab Wildcat Creek in its entirety for a measly $4.

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