STREAM: West End Hotel – “Burn It Down”

West End Motel

I’m always surprised at the astonishment that many listeners display the first time they hear West End Motel. With Mastodon guitarist-singer Brent Hinds leading the fray, the general assumption is that some form of experimental metal should be screaming out of the speakers, which makes sense to a degree. But it should be evident to any thinking person that a musician of Hinds’ caliber, who participates in a band so well noted for their musical ambition and ability to transcend their chosen genre, likely has, you know, some pretty fucking wide-ranging tastes.

And so while this side project (which also features All Night Drug Prowling Wolves frontman Tom Cheshire) may have moments of distorted intensity, you’re more likely to be treated to songs like the breezy “Burn It Down.” The lead single from the band’s upcoming album, Only Time Can Tell, has a definite island flavor, complete with funky horns and a half-baked Calypso melody that would come off as straight cheese if it weren’t so emphatically delivered. At its core what we have here is some good-time day drinking music, or more specifically, the kind of song you want to throw on after you smoked a couple of bowls and pounded a half dozen beers out on your deck. Check it out below.

Only Time Can Tell is out October 30 via Warner Bros. Records.

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