VIDEO: Antbrain – “Martin”

Antbrain - MartinSo I’m feeling much too lazy to research this right now, but this has to have been done before, right? I mean, as music lovers we’re always shooting off hyperbolic volleys like “face melting” this or “ear bleeding” that, and this gag is just too simple and obvious for the music world to have ignored the opportunity to jump on it for this long. But no matter. This here is what we have, and what we have, courtesy of slacker pop trio Antbrain, is pretty gnarly.

Directed by the band’s own Dave Bonawits, the video finds Dave and his mates performing at his cousin’s birthday party in front of disinterested partygoers who make the dire mistake of mocking the band. In retaliation, amps get cranked up—all the way up—and then things start to get messy. The guitar tones are just thick and dirty enough to be believable (plausibility being extremely relative in this case), but the best part of this celebration gone horribly wrong is the song’s goofy namesake, Martin, who just smiles and nods giddily at the band while all his guests hemorrhage blood out of their facial orifices. It’s more cartoonish than violent, and fans of early Weezer should find plenty to like in both the video and the song. Enjoy.

“Martin” appears on Antbrain’s debut junior EP, Jonathan and Leona, which was released in November and is available as free download on their Bandcamp page.

Antbrain will perform tomorrow night, December 14th, at the Drunken Unicorn. Supporting them will be the Sunshine Factory and Twin Studies. Doors open at 9 p.m. $6 gets you in.

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