VIDEO: BOSCO – “Joker” (BTR Live Studio)

I have yet to see BOSCO live so I’ve been curious as to how well they pull of their considerably lush sound in that setting. Artists that inject their music with synths, electronics and other layers often have difficulty translating from studio to stage, so I’m glad to see that the group loses none of their driving propulsiveness and ethereal shimmer when they are performing. Granted this live studio session, shot by BreakThru Radio, is not exactly the same as witnessing the band at the Earl or Star Bar, but there’s no denying the group’s ability to deliver dreamy textural soundscapes or Brittany Bosco’s soulful singing.

BOSCO performs tomorrow night, June 21, at the Earl in support of Dogbite. Fellow locals Nomen Novum open the show. Doors open at 8:30pm. $7 gets you in.

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