VIDEO: deadCAT – “littlefeet”

As much as I like deadCAT’s “littlefeet,” I have to admit that it’s one of their more obfuscating songs. Everything about it feels unsettled and surreal. If you listen closely you can almost feel the instruments and the groove unraveling as each individual element begins to separate from its binding structure. In lesser hands, it would likely make for a sputtering mess but Britt Teusink and Gage Gilmore have a knack for turning such calamitous sounds into abrasive yet alluring noise-pop gems.

Perhaps playing off the title of their latest EP, weareinaCULT, the accompanying video only serves to reinforce the duo’s darker and more disturbing tendencies by depicting, among other things, some sort of bloody pagan sacrifice involving mass cannibalism. There’s some fairly bizarre stuff happening here, folks, but damn if it isn’t all so riveting. Directors Tim Reis and Mike Bremer do an excellent of sequencing the visuals and tying them to the song’s fractured and jittery movement, which helps to introduce a sort of hypnotic, dreamlike quality to the production. This isn’t what I picture in my head AT ALL when I listen to this song but, yeah, somehow it all makes sense.

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