VIDEO: Glenn Saddler – “Fais Gaffe Se Tois”

It’s not like Far Out to lay low for this long. The Atlanta collective, headed up by hip hop artists Glenn Saddler and Bias the Black, usually have their hands full releasing records, filming videos, putting together artist showcases or basically doing whatever they can conjure up to help promote their many artistic endeavors. But in recent months their camp has been virtually silent. Well, that is until a couple of weeks ago when this new video from Saddler made its way onto the Internet. And from the looks of it, we’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more from this cat in the coming weeks.

“Fais Gaffe Se Tois” (French for “watch out for yourself”) is not only the first single and video from Saddler’s upcoming full-length, Anthem, due out this Friday, it’s also the first video in a six-part series that will comprise a new short film entitled Those Days. Working in collaboration with director Kyle Drew, Saddler and his co-star, photographer Chelsea Turner, come together to help tell the story of a young man suffering through an existential crisis. This first installment, shot in gritty black and white, does a good job of establishing a palpable sense of emotional tension and setting up the characters for the future drama that will unfold. As of this moment there is no word on when the remaining five videos will be released, so for now you’ll just have to settle for watching this vid and scouring for clues of what’s to come.

Glenn Saddler will celebrate the release of Anthem this Friday night, May 18, at the BeAtlanta House. Joining him will be his fellow Far Out brethren Bias the Black, Illmont and Cornbread. Doors open at 8:45pm. Admission is FREE.

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