VIDEO: Hawks – “Plush” (Live)

When Hawks frontman Mike Keenan takes the stage wearing a pope’s hat and an old priest frock looking every bit as disheveled and deranged as a homeless psychopath, you know you’re in for a bruiser. At that point, your options are pretty limited: you can head for the hills or belly up to the stage and take your lashings with humility and a shit-eating grin.

Last Friday night’s record release show at Star Bar was not the best performance I’ve seen from the four-piece—their sound suffered somewhat from an inexplicably low vocal mix—but the band still delivered a ferociously tight set that sent their appreciative fans into a flailing, screaming, beer-flinging frenzy. The response to the material from their new album, Pushover, was especially fervent, and when Hawks kicked into the mid-album crusher “Plush,” it felt like the walls might cave in from all the thunderous noise and rattling aggression. Goddamn.

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