VIDEO: Lazer/Wulf – “Lagarto” (indieATL Session)

Lazer/Wulf - "Lagarto" (indieATL Sessions)I regret to say that I’ve never seen Lazer/Wulf live. But, holy shit, does that need to change ASAP after watching these guys absolutely slay this session. Jesus Christmas. I thought that the indieATL Sessions had reached a high mark when they released that preposterously good Stallone jam a few weeks ago. But this here is every bit as ferocious, every bit as riveting, every bit as mind-blowingly tight and technical, as what Juan Montoya, Evan Diprima and the rest of his crew delivered. Taken from their 2010 effort, The Void That Isn’t, “Lagarto” plays to all of the trio’s strengths—muscular riffs, rhythmic odd-time paroxysms and clattering freakout guitar solos, all culminating in a crushingly heavy outro that pummels you like a hammer striking an anvil. It’s a visceral, virtuosic performance that leaves no doubts as to the band’s impressive musical prowess. Watch/listen below.

Lazer/Wulf will perform on Thursday, November 29 at Star Bar in support of Vegan Coke. Fellow locals Hello Cobra and Baby Shoes open the show. Doors open at 9pm. Admission is FREE.

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