VIDEO: Manchester Orchestra – “Shake It Out” (Live)

If you missed the not-very-secret-at-all Manchester Orchestra show at the Earl last Friday, I’m going to take a second to rub it in and let you know that it was every bit as epic as you would think it would be. From the opening moments of their performance it was clear that the band was thrilled to be playing in front of their hometown fans in such an intimate venue, and about two dozen gushing Andy Hull thank yous later, the group wrapped up what is sure to be one of the local live music highlights of 2012. Since I knew we had a photographer (Bobby Russell’s pics will be posted soon) covering the show, I almost didn’t bring a camera with me, but fortunately I thought better of it and was able to shoot enough footage to put together this video of the band tearing through an absolutely dynamite version of “Shake It Out.” Enjoy.

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